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Welcome to the Global Trichology career enrichment registry. Global trichology offers a variety of hair loss and scalp disorder non-accredited courses and product workshops for your career enhancement. While the specialization of trichology has been in existence for more than one hundred years, it is still fairly new to most hair care providers. Furthermore, most cosmetology text books include some information on trichology.

Global Trichology has gone beyond the minimum required textbook information, by becoming the first to offer a CE accredited and state board approved course for hair loss and scalp disorders.

GT Career Enrichment Courses

Now you can take additional courses to advance your knowledge in hair loss and scalp disorders by registering for a few or all of our Global Trichology courses. Global Trichology provides online course, backed by clinical pratice, that you can complete at your own speed. Trichologist are not doctors, but they are medically trained in areas pertaining to the health of the hair and scalp.

Global Trichologist work closely with and are consulted by the medical profession. Global Trichology Network recognizes a qualified Trichologist as someone who is a licensed cosmetology professional and has been qualified and registered by Global Trichology Network of Professional Trichologist. Becoming a recognized Trichologist requires completing the full Trichology Program and continued Trichology enhancement sessions.

GlobalTrichology Disclaimer

Global Trichology is a hair care products and services company and a licensed business in the state of Florida. While we offer hair loss knowledge materials, to cosmetologists, and other hair care professionals these are non credited courses, offered purely for the sake of beauty culture enrichment. Any other courses, workshops and materials offered by GT are purchased at each individuals own discretion. Therefore, Global Trichology will not be responsible and purchases are nonrefundable.

GTN Course Copyright Policy:

Global Trichology Network holds the rights to all courses as "Binding," with restrictions on course copying and/or Course sharing. Any one caught duplicating Global Trichology course materials "Shall" be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


PARTICIPANTS WHO WISH TO DISCONTINUE THEIR COURSE STUDIES with GLOBAL TRICHOLOGY NETWORK MUST DO SO WITHIN 30 days of GTN course program registration. Afterwards, a refund of 50% shall be refunded once All Global Trichology Course materials have been returned to GTN and a student release formed has been signed.

* How to Register: Simply fill out the Global Trichology registion form on our website and be sure to indicate your profession in the appropriate space. A valid Cosmetology or Barber License is required to register to receive the licensed course price. Once submitted we will review your registration application and approve it so that you may begin your course(s).


Global Trichology Full Course Program Payment Options


Global Trichology Course Options (1 and 2)


Pay In-Full Receive 20% discount (Full tuition Cost $1,900) 15% Off= $1,615.+ Regisration &Tax. Cost  Receive your Global Trichology Textbook Free when you pay in full.

1/2 Price, first year Global Trichologist, Membership Registration $75.00

"How to Perform a Hair loss & Scalp Disorder Consultation CD $57.00 fee options)

Complementary 1 year- GT Hair Loss Journal Back logs (on hair loss & scalp disorders, photos, & Commentaries)

Note: The GTN "Hands-On Clinical" is a separate fee of $500.00)  

In-House Financing Available!

Option 2: "PAY AS YOU GO!

- Requires your full class registration fee $150.00 (150 per G/T Course, or 450.00 Per 3 Course Volume) The Global Trichology Text book Cost $67.00 (required for course

Final & Hands-On Trichology Clinical cost 500.00 (required for Program Completion) In-House Financing Available!    

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