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Become a Global Trichology Instructor $3,500

Our GTN instructors course is a "Go at Your Own Pace" course of completion up to six months for Instructors course certification.  Our online training provides participants the skills to help them deliver engaging and comprehensive learning tools for teaching others.  GTN Instructors inludes training tutorials such as teacher's syllabus lesson plan formats, Textbooks, Course topics outlines, and Instructors Answer Keybook and student certificates.  

GTN Instructors certification will help students understand the course completion requirements as well as how to apply knowledge, and skills they learn in a unique way.

Global Trichology offers 3 Certification earning Packages:

Global Trichology Network Course option Packages

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

GTN  Trichology Certification


6 Course Volumes

18 -Courses Total

Option 2

or $317.00 per Volume

Become a Hair Loss & Scalp Disease Treatment Specialist

Option 2:

$1,900.-15% Off

$1,615 Total

Best Offer

All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Zelle & Cash App

GTN Instructors Certification


6 Course Training

Unlimited Time Course Completion

Option 2:

$589.00 per month

for six months

Become a Certifed Hair Loss


GTN Instructors Answer Key

GTN Text

GTN Lesson Plans 1-6 Included

All major Credit cards accepted



Cash App​

GTN H​air Health Assistant 


Option 2 

$150.00 per month for

12 months

Work as a Hair Health Salon Assistant


 Registration  & Textbook 


Payments Accepted

Major Credit Cards




Cash App

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