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Global Trichology FAQ:

Q; What is a Qualified Trichologist?

A;There are now many Trichology Companies that offer Trichology Certifications, each certification is recognized by the company you are registered with. As Global Trichology Network is concerened, a qualified Trichlogist is someone qualified and registered with Global Trichology Network.

Q: What is the difference between non accredited enrichment courses and accredited courses?

A: While there is no state required trichology license, upon completion of most programs, you have the option of being a registered member of that program, organization or institute, as well as receiving a certificate of completion for those courses taken.

Q: What is the cost of the GT enrichment courses?

A: The cost of each non-licensed course is $55.00 per course.

Q: Why take a non - accredited hair health course?

A: As with all education and learning, these courses are designed to both encourage you to consider cosmetology as a profession as well as to provide a preview of what you can expect as a beauty professional.

Q. What is the difference between Global Trichology and other Trichology Courses?

A. Practicality, Quality, & Support. The Global Trichology Network Courses are designed to allow you to complete around your schedule. From the very first course your will be able to use the information learned. Global Trichology supports you by helping you step by step become Trichology professionals. The information is presented in a way that helps you thoroughly understand and apply. So much so it is the first Trichology program that has an introductory course accredited and recognized by Florida State Board as a CE course. 

Q. How does someone become a qualified Trichologist?

A. Only by following and successfully completing Global Trichology Network's Training Courses.

Q. What are the benefits of being a part of the Global Trichology Network?

A. Nationally Recognized as a top hair care professional. Listed on the Global Trichology Network Registry for clients to find you in their area, continued support, access to continued education in Trichology, and job placement.  

Q; Will I receive trichology certification upon completion of the GT course program?

A: after completing ea. course segment (3 chapt. volume), you'll receive completion certificates

Q; How long does it take to complete the GT program?

A; Global Trichology offers a "go at your own pace," course of study format.

Q; How can I get started?

A; Simply register for options 1 or 2, and we will do the rest.

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