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Global Trichology Founder S. Renee Wiggs is a 35 yr. cosmetologist , former health care provider, instructor and licensed Trichology education provider. A 6 x author including 2 books on professional cosmetology and A Comprehensve hair loss approach for professionals book. Trichologist Wiggs treats hair loss clients in her central Florida area office and facilitates Trichology education online and onsite instruction.

"As a cosmetologist, I owned 3 salon and spa's and focused on hair health. Scalp and hair analysis, diagnosis and treatment has always been at the forefront of my profession. Moreover, because I experienced hair loss due to hyper and hypothyroidism, HBP and a total hysterectomy, as a Trichologist, I studied and sought solutions to hair loss experienced and suffered by more than 60 million men, women and children in the U.S.


As a Trichology specialist and instructor, my mission has been to equip licensed professionals with the advanced skills to treat hair loss and scalp disorders. It is also, to educate clients on the causes of hair loss and scalp problems through diet, nutrition, & life style. Health issues including: chronic illnesses, medicine induced hair loss, hormonal imbalance, stress genetic hair loss and more. As a result, many hair & skin care practitioners are able to provide qualty service to their clients, unparralled by most hair care professionals"

If you are a cosmetologist, barber, skincare specialist, or in health or medical related fields, a Contiuning Education certificate in the field of Trichology can be a rewarding addition to your existing practice.

Our Team

S. Renee Wiggs


Founder S. Renee Wiggs a 30 year+ Cosmetologist, Trichologist, and State Board Approved Continuing Education Provider. Specializing in Hair & Scalp Disorder Restoration.

Hope Edison

Lead Trichologist

Lead Trichologist Hope Edison is a licensed Cosmetologist and Global Trichology Certified Trichologist. Specializes in Natural hair care, hair loss, and scalp disorders.

Ronica Reese

Director Of Education

Director of Education Ronica Reese is a licensed Cosmetologist and Trichologist of 20+ years. Developing strong Cosmetologist & Trichologist. Specializing in Color & Chemical education in regards to hair & scalp disorders and restoration. 

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