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Re Nue Hair Health Rejuvenate Service Menu

Note: All services begin with an In-depth client Consultation, followed by diagnosis and Treatment recommendation(s)

Re Nue Trichology Hair Loss Treatment Menu for Men, Women & Children, based upon condition & additional information. All Trichology treatment services are pre-paid and require an appointment.

Trichology Consultation One

Client History, Medical Background, Dietary and daily lifestyle activity.

Your initial consultation will also include a hair and scalp microscopic, photographic examination to get a visual of your hair strands and scalp. All final diagnosis are received within two weeks of your initial consultation. Clients are required to sign a disclaimer agreement for ongoing hair Loss & scalp treatments.

Initial GTN Inquiry

When you call Global Trichology Network for the first time, you will be greeted by a professional network team advisor. Our goal, is to get you the help you desire as soon as possible. At that time, you will be asked what hair or scalp problems you may be having as well as a pre-Hair History information inquiry. Also, you will be given an option to choose which practitioner you would like to schedule an appointment with based on the Trichologists availability and location. Followed only by your initial client consultation payment required at the time of appointment scheduling.

As a new client we look forward to discussing the challenges you are experiencing and ascertain vital information.


Currently, our Global trichology Network group operates (sees clients) in Leesburg Fl., Kissimmee Fl., Gainesville Fl., NYC, and MD. Please call for a list of GTN Practitioners nearest you.

Client Confidentiality

While Global trichologist have backgrounds in both the health and medical fields, most of our GT Trichologist are experienced, Professional Cosmetologist from whence Trichology originates. Therefore, some Trichology practices may be in private offices, while others provide treatment within their salon settings. For this reason salon trichologist may schedule clients as early as 7:00 -9:30 am, and sometimes Late evenings. This is to allow for total guest privacy not offered during normal salon hours. All client files are kept separately for private, confidentiality.

Trichology Hair & Scalp Initial Consultation Includes:

Hair History Eval.

Hair & Scalp Micro Examination

Hair Strand Exam

Hair & Scalp Detox Treatment

Scalp Relaxing Massage


*Follow-Up Appointment fees are based on final diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

As a Trichology Client, it is important to note that our treatment maintenance plans are based on a six month hair maintenance concept. While studies show that that normal healthy hair grows about 1/2 inch per month "on average, resulting in about 6 inches per year- for those experiencing various forms of Alopecia, weak follicles or other hair and scalp problems, this may differ. We understand that each client has a unique hair loss condition, and therefore believe a six month commitment yields more lasting results.

For clients who commit to our 6 month Hair Health Maintenance Treatment regimens, you will receive our 15% off (after initial Consultation/Examination appt.), Per hair & Scalp service incentives:

6 month Hair & Scalp Detox Treatment(s)

Reg. 90.

15% Off 76.00

6 month Detox & Deep Conditioning



6 Month Locks & Twists Moisture Massage & Detox



6 mo. Pityriasis Capitis Simplex (dandruff) Reliever Trmt



6 Month Natural Fix Holistic Hair Treatment regimen



*Please be sure to Ask about Our Global Trichologist Network availability

Note: Other/Additional services & Fees are separate.

 *Global Trichology Re Nue Hair Loss services must be made and paid in advance at the time of appointment scheduling. Thank you

HairCheck Density Measurement

At our Re Nue office, clients are given a hair density proceedure, which can reveal the thickness or thinning of the hair. This gentle process helps in identifying the type of hair loss and whether it may be shedding or thinning. While shedding of 50 hairs or more may be normal - as a Trichologist, conditions such as alopecia areata are more severe. With this proceedure we can better determine what type of hair loss each client may be experiencing.

$50 and up 

H/S Detox & Scalp Massage Therapy

Hair & Scalp cleansing, Purfying Clay Mask & 15 Min. Scalp Massage

Trichological Products, are those shampoo's, conditioners and masks specifically formulated to reduce scalp inflammation, stimulate scalp blood circulation, hydrate & moisturize the hair and scalp. This essential oil based therapy also nourishes replenishes and rejuvenates hair, adding luster and sheen.

This treatment is followed by a a relaxing aromatic 15 min. scalp massage, causing the whole body to feel envigorated and renued.

$ 90.00 and up

Oxygen Hair/ Scalp StimulationTherapy

For promoting oxygen rich minerals and nutrients to the scalp.

This high end, advance technology for stimulating the follicles and enriching the scalp with fortified essential oils and nutrients is the latest in hair growth maintenance and methods.

Oxygen hair and scalp therapy provides ongoing strengthening even after your Re Nue office visit. Home care products are available for in between office visits.

$ 175.00 and up

Hair Enhancement Extensions

hair pieces, additions, weaves & Partials

There are many reasons for hair loss. As we consider the most common such as genetic pre-disposition (hereditary), alopecia areata, Trichotillomania, traction alopecia or diffuse hair loss (thinning), the fact is, hair loss can be an emotional trauma for men, women and children.

Along with these conditions, medical challenges,( such as chemo-therapy, Lupus, Parkinsons, etc.)are also prevalent to many , so chances of hair regrowth sometimes can be obsolete. For this reason, at Re Nue office we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetology to help in selecting hair enhancements that look and feel like our clients natural hair. We take time to help you, our client, choose the best textures, cuts and color to make you feel more attractive and appealing, promoting confidence to meet daily social and business experiences.

At Re Nue offices, our clients choose their wigs or extensions - we size them for exact fit, help to select the color and texture, or custom color and shape/cut all hair into the style that best complements. We will also work with personal hair enhancements you may already have.

Prices based on consultation and type of enhancement service needed.

Hair Styling & After Hair Care

Basic Color (Shampoo & Style additional)

All prices are subject to change.Consultation required for any extension or enhancement service.

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