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Global Trichology Online Home Study CE Coure Certification

Continuing Education for Licensed Cosmetologist

NOW $150.00

+2.03 Fl. tax/fees

COURSE: Introduction to Trichology Principals

Learn what's involved with hair loss and scalp Consultation, diagnosis and treatment for your clients experiencing conditions such as various types of Alopecias, and scalp disorders. Register online today and add hair loss and scalp disorder certification/services to your cosmetology practice. Valid Cosmetology License Required At Registration.

 Approved & Accredited  4hr. CE course

Global Trichology Study Guide book (Optional) $67.00

GTN 20 page study guide available $ 25.00

The Global Trichology Introduction to Trichology home study guide helps you prepare for your course exam and provides ongoing lesson, guidance and support to your Hair Loss and scalp disorder practice.   

Global Trichology is a product and services company that offers a Florida State Certified Introduction to Trichology Principal Course to licensed Cosmetologist. However, as a product company, all are welcome to purchase any of our hair care enrichment courses purely for advancing your knowledge in hair loss and scalp disorders. Licensed Cosmetologist will be required to provide a valid Cosmetology license in order to take this online CE 4hr. Fl. State Accredited Course. This course is only accredited to you as a Florida State resident.

Call: Global Trichology 863.582.2802 Speak with a representative about your course options



The GT " Introduction to Trichology Principals," is the only accredited course approved by Fl. Stated board and offered by Global Trichology Network. All other training offered through GTN is by our product company as additional hair care enrichment and is governed by our license as a product company. We are not a school but a hair care services and product company. Other non- credited courses and services are offered at each individuals discretion. Global Trichology is not liable for monetary refunds for other products, courses and services offered.

NOTE: The Global Trichology CE "Introduction to Trichology Principals" course is $69.00+ Tax. licensed, Florida State Cosmetologists and Barbers ONLY. All non-licensed and non-Fl. state residents are subject to the courses cost and materials offered at REGULAR PRICES. REGISTRATION for a course MUST be completed prior to sending in funds through PayPal. Without a completed online registration, any funds submitted to Paypal WILL BE refunded. Thank You       

Out introductory discount for non licensed, non Florida residents Reg. 195.00 is Now 150.00 + Tax. All other Global Trichology Program courses are $125.00 per course + materials and Hands -On Clinical.

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