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Time To Make That Hair Health Change!

                                                 Time To Make That ealth Change

    It's it fact, that for too many years we have focused solely on body and emotional health.  But what about our hair?  While younger, we took for granted, that our hair would always be thick, long and lusterous.  The truth is, as we age and our body begins to change healthwise, so does our hair and scalp health.

     Maybe you've thought to yourself, "my hair will never grow as it once did, or, I've done so many improper things to my hair that there's no way it can be healed.  Well, I'm sure you've heard the saying, "where there's life there's hope."  In the case of hair health this can be absolutely true.   The fact is, if you still have live hair folicles on your head, there's a chance you may be able to reverse the hair loss curse.  However, wishing it were so, just isn't enough.  You truly will have to put some work into hair care, just as you would for losing weight, building muscles and doing anything beneficial to caring for your body.

How do we begin to make that change?

 According to the Journal of Hair Restoration, there are many factors involved with the loss of hair, including:

Stess: (emotional, physical, lifestyle)

Diet deficiencies


Chronic Illness

Hormonal conditions

Genetics: (/Family Background/heredity)

Improper Hair styling Techniques: (blowdryers, tight hairstyling, chemical damage)


                                                                               Here's to a Healthy Hair Day!


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