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GlobalTNetwork is now offering additional Online career training certificate courses:

Beauty Hair Care              Salon Biz Ownership      Forensic Hair operations                      Elderly Hair/ Home Care

Make-Up Artistry              Salon Management       Hair care Industry BookWriting                  Alopecia Analysis Training

Wedding Consultant             MedicalWig Making        Product Retail Knowledge Hair Shaping & Trimming

The Art of Hair Coloring      Theatre Make- Up         Hair & Scalp Diagnostics           Hair Detoxification

Announcing GTN Career Course Certification Available to you at a fraction of the cost Price Was $650.00 Per Course/ Now $325.00 per course at 150.00 down and 47.00 per month.

Complete any course in less than 3 weeks and be certified.

  • Courses of interest that you can home study, at your own pace.
  • This is a great time to build your beauty industry skills. In just a few minutes you can begin home studies in your special field of interest without paying a lot.
  • Global T. Network has more than 35 years of experience in the beauty industry and looks forward to sharing it, so that you too can begin a new career, or expand upon your existing skills.
  • Call today, or email us at for your GTN Course Outline, registration, Disclaimer/ GTN Q&A

    " There's no time like the present". Start Your New Career Today!

    Hair Coloring Certifcation

    Wedding Consulting Certification

    Salon Business Certification

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