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Hair Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Hair Loss & Scalp Treatment services

Have you been experiencing hair loss all of a sudden, for a few months, or for many years. Have you been told your hair loss may be hereditary? Does your stylist insist that your hair loss is stress related? or has your hair fallen out since you've been pregnant?

While all of these suggestions may have been offered to you as the reason for your hair loss, there's truly only one way to find out why you may be losing your hair. As a Trichologist, I can tell if your hairs appearance is an outward show of something that may be going on inwardly. Your hair can tell you about underlying conditions that you may not be aware of.

At Re Nue, we take time to help you find the answers to your hair loss and scalp disorder problems. As someone challenged with hair loss in my early twenties due to hypothyroidism, I can share with you first hand the heartache and emotional trauma I experienced as I saw my hair falling out. For more than 35 years, i have made it my life's pursuit to research and educate my clients about available holistic options that are available to treat conditions such as: Alopecia areata, (& various other types of Alopecias), Traction Alopecia, CCCA,Trichotillomania, Chronic Dandruff, Eczema and other hair and scalp disorders.

NON-Surgical Hair loss treatments:

There are many methods for enhancing your hair loss appearance such as surgical hair transplants. At Re Nue offices we prefer the Non-surgical approach.  


At Re Nue, have found that in many cases where hair loss exists there are several steps that first must take place:

1. Getting a consultation with a professional Trichologist (35+ years in the hair care industry)

2. Speaking with a professional who has both hair loss & hair care experience ( client retainment of 25 years or more)

3. Having a willingness to trust your hair health professional (hair restoration maintenance is a 6 month plus commitment)

4. Following the hair health instructions provided by your Trichologist

5. Client flexibility & Patience to see your customized Hair restoration system working

6. Accepting your final diagnosis and allowing your specialist to develop creative hair enhancement options 

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Trichology Consultation

Step l: Client Office Consultation

Appointments made 2 weeks prior to visit

At Re Nue Hair Rejuvenation offices, began with our online pre-introduction hair History registration. This form must be completed before your office visit. Completing this information gives your Trichologist in depth history regarding your health, family genetics, medication use, as well as any lifestyle and career change information you chose to share with us. Our goal is to become familiar and well prepared for your Trichology office visit. All information is confidential and privately filed for your comfort.

Step 2: In- Office Examination

Microscopic Examination of Hair & Scalp

During your visit at Re Nue, we will also perform a hair and scalp examination for:

  • Hair Density includinng elasicity,

  • Hair Damage

  • Scalp abrasions & Analysis

Step 3:Diagnosis & Treatment

 "Re Nue"Trichologist Hair Health System

Once all Client hair health history has been ascertained, hair and scalp examinations have been completed. Your consultation results will be available. At this time two positive things would have been accomplished:

a. You will finally know what may be causing your hair loss and/or

b. You will have the option to to start a "Re Nue " hair restoration growth plan.

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